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Shop designer accessories from wallets to scarves by ANTORINI. Fall in love with our collection of the latest scarf icons. If you appreciate quality, then do not hesitate to view our new ANTORINI collection. You will be highly impressed by the beauty of perfect men's and women's fashion accessories.

Luxurious scarves / Highest quality scarves from ANTORINI

We are pleased to introduce a luxurious hand-made scarf of Italian design in top quality from ANTORINI. It goes perfectly with any attire and has a unique combination of positive colours and their shades. Premium silk and hand sewing underscore the uniqueness of this scarf. You will be enthralled by the perfection and the beauty of each detail. Scarves by ANTORINI are an essential accessory for ladies with a high sense of sophisticated style. They provide an original symbiosis of perfection and refined attractiveness. The design of scarves from the vintage collection is based on historical iconic samples of the ANTORINI brand, which over the years have become milestones in contemporary design not surpassed by any other brand. The unique designs, quality silk and manual production in Italy are what give these products their famed perfection as a legacy of masters from ancient times. The scarves are gift-wrapped.

The Exclusive

“When you watch the new collections, you are often left breathless. ANTORINI is exactly the brand where you tell yourself, ‘This is simply gorgeous! I just have to have this!’ It is difficult to describe what actually distinguishes ANTORINI from the other brands. It is in the feeling, the charisma or maybe the aura that its collections have. In any case, you are left with only one word in your head: fantastic.” - E. Portelli

Набор из Двух Серебряных Фужеров


Набор двух изящных фужеров для шампанского из серебра 925/1000 пробы. Этот великолепный набор дело рук португальских мастеров ювелирного ремесла. Он полностью выполнен из серебра высшей пробы и отлично подойдет для подачи коктейлей или игристых вин. 

Порадуйте своих друзей и близких нашими элегантными и очаровательными аксессуарами из чистого серебра сделанными в португалии. Мы предлагаем большой выбор потрясающих изделий из серебра. Из нашего ассортимента серебряных аксессуаров вы сможете выбрать подарки на все случаи жизни.

Материал: серебро 925/1000 пробы 
Вес: 450 г
Размеры: 8,5 х 20 х 27 см

Комплект состоит из двух фужеров.

Фужеры упакованы в подарочную упаковку. 

Сделано вручную в Португалии.



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